Floor/Wall Chasing

Floor/wall chasing use a precision technology of diamond cutting to create channels in your floors and walls. Cabling or pipes help to keep the channels safe, tidy and out of sight.

The floor/wall chasing process involves cutting two slots to a precise depth and width, then the concrete center piece gets removed using a small breaker or a hammer drill. This is a quick technique and is comparatively dust-free due to an attached vacuum that collects any resultant dust before it can escape.

The twin bladed machine easily and efficiently dry cuts chases of 45mm wide by 40mm deep. This makes it possible to cut precise widths and depths in concrete, block work, brickwork, render, plaster or screeds to create chases for pipes, conduits or trunking. These are essential for electrical and plumbing installations.

Floors, walls and ceilings for necessary pipe work and conduits are examples of materials that is possible to chase. For this reason, this method is appropriate for all manner of block work and brickwork.

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