Vent Hole Drilling/Installation

Many properties have mould and damp issues all over the house without any clear reason. Many people spend thousands of euro painting their properties just to see the mould and damp appear again within a few short weeks. But the easiest answer to all of your problems is : ventilation. A property without vents is a very dangerous place to be in. First of all you risk developing lung issues and other illnesses that are connected with living in a wet environment. Then you run the risk of intoxicating yourself with gas or other dangerous fumes. If there is a gas leak, the gas has nowhere to go and it will fill up your home and will explode.

If you have damp and mould problems in your home, more than likely you have none or very bad ventilation. Ralkore Core Drilling & Cutting  Services  can help you get rid of this issue permanently and it doesn’t cost a fortune. We will assess the property and we will find the best spots for installing a few vents to create good air circulation.

We only use prefesional  core drilling equipment and we can drill vent holes up to 500 mm wide. We will also fit the hole with vent grills. A vent hole drilling operation is not a very hard job and it won`t take very long but the results can be a great improvement to your quality of life. Ralkore Core Drilling & Cutting  Services will work with you to pick the best options and location for the vents and we will do full wall investigation before drilling to avoid damaging existing cables or pipes.

All our core drilling services are fully insured. Our vent hole drilling services are affordable and many properties in Ireland are damp and mould free today because of us.

We can drill a hole in any type of wall. We can drill up to 2 meter deep. We can work at the ground level or we can do work at heights.


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