Stitch Drilling

Diamond Drilling  is a technological innovation which has a number of advantages over conventional drilling. By using a diamond drill bit it is possible to drill holes faster, more accurately and through a wider range of materials than with a non-diamond drill.

But there is one significant disadvantage to diamond drilling – there is a limit to the size of drill bits. The diamond bits usually don’t come bigger than 1000mm, which makes it difficult to drill holes larger than this. Fortunately this can be overcome by using a process called stitch drilling.

This allows us to create an opening of almost any shape or size.

There are other ways to create large openings, but there are a number of situations where stitch drilling is the preferred option. Firstly, because diamond drilling can be undertaken in confined spaces, stitch drilling is usually used when a site is too cramped for other methods of cutting.

Second, diamond drilling is suitable for use underwater. This means that there are a whole range of functions for which stitch drilling is a necessity – such as working on water treatment facilities or off-shore platforms.

Finally, because diamond drilling uses water as a lubricant, there is no dust produced during the drilling process, so stitch drilling using a diamond drill is the best choice for working in a sterile or clean environment such as a hospital.

This process can be used to cut holes large holes in some extremely strong materials including metals, concrete and even reinforced bank vaults.

Of course it’s essential to have highly trained operators to carry out stitch drilling – which is exactly what Ralkore Core Drilling & Cutting Services specialist in. We have more than 30 years of experience in carrying out industrial processes like stitch drilling and every one of our employees has CSCS accreditation. With thousands of successfully completed projects we have built up a reputation for professionalism and excellence.

If you have any diamond drilling or stitch drilling needs then Ralkore Core Drillling & Concrete Services  should be the obvious choice.

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